Company Tuning

Securing leading positions in the marketplace is a continual process. Companies only attain a pole position when they can develop powerful innovations from their visions and then establish these in the marketplace.

With proven expert competency you get a fresh perspective on existing processes and best practice know-how from various high-tech industries e.g. aerospace, medical engineering and precision mechanics.

We also operate as your partner in your national and international subsidiaries. We analyze processes at all locations to establish all your optimizing possibilities. With such exact definition and implementation, you will always be one step ahead of the competition. Naturally, we can also set up new, worldwide production facilities according to your standards.

In the many years of management knowledge, decision makers have entrusted my experience on projects such as the development of first tier supplier, acquiring new markets and target groups as well as the establishment of international cooperative sourcing.

Make big demands. We are only satisfied, when your needs and requirements are fulfilled.

Tuning Main Focuses Details

Vision and Innovation

  • Development of new markets and services
  • From sub-supplier to inventor and innovator incl. intellectual property protection
  • Close cooperation with customers in sales and procurement
  • Positioning the own products in new and unrelated markets
  • Building up an international supply chain incl. cooperations and specific networks
Continual Companion in the Change Management Process
Worldwide construction of new facilities according to your business standards:
  • For capacity enhancement and resource optimization
  • For added value resulting from off-set obligations to customers