Company Rescuing

Markets and target groups change faster than ever before. Maintaining core competencies means continuous reflection and adaptation.

Not every enterprise is able to manage such changes with its own resources: adjusting structures and processes to once again be successful.

Taking up this challenge, we use reliable tools and effective practical knowledge. Always with the goal of retaining all valuable knowledge. Supporting teams to achieve higher performance and clearing waste, old structures and processes is a must.

We can also actively support you in transferring a company to a new owner. When providing successor-assistance we focus on a smooth handover transition and comprehensive interim management service.

Before the process of searching for an appropriate successor begins, a check-up gives you the necessary security that your business is viewed positively by all prospective parties.

Your needs are our impulse. Our mission is only finished when all tasks are done and your success is in place and measurable.

Rescuing Main Focuses Details

Crisis management before a reorganization

  • Concentration on core business
  • Protection of valuable know-how and competencies
  • Re-develop the expertise of existing teams
  • Close cooperation with customers sales and procurement
  • Quality and production depth analyses
Implementation of new and profitable structures
  • Re-alignment of structures and processes

Company succession support