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Extended service portfolio

by Steffen Heuser

Commercial partnership between BUSINESS TUNE-UP and Addi Witt & Oliver Zander-Witt

The new commercial partnership with Addi Witt and Oliver Zander-Witt allows BUSINESS TUNE-UP GmbH to substantially extend its range of performance, in particular for small and medium-sized companies in the aviation sector.

  • We now offer direct support to small and medium-sized companies for national and international contracts from contract design, negotiations to conclusion of contracts with aircraft manufacturers and 1st tier suppliers. Of course, this is also true for contracts in English language.
  • Coordination of interests in terms of handling OEMs and 1st tier suppliers
  • Extended activities for sourcing strategies including pooling, make-or-buy decisions
  • Projects for Management Buy Out (MBO) as well as M & A strategies comprising realization of due diligence activities

Addi Witt is endued with many years of experience in managing purchasing activities at Airbus, amongst others as inventor of the AMI program at Airbus. Today, he works as a free consultant for small and medium-sized companies in the aerospace sector.

Oliver Zander-Witt has a legal background and offers many years of experience in contract design with OEMs and n tier suppliers in different sectors, such as aerospace, automotive and shipbuilding. He has worked as a free consultant for more than 15 years.


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